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    Our expertise in travel as well as our partnership with Virtuoso, a network that brings together the best travel agencies and luxury travel providers worldwide, enable us to offer you a wide range of experiences. Through our Virtuoso certification, we are even able to offer our clients an exclusive selection of services, upgrades, access to products and unique experiences.

    The quality of our services will exceed your expectations! We are here to support you before, during and after each of your trips and we look forward to customising your next one, so you may take advantage of all the benefits enjoyed by the preferential customers of KTS Tourism and Travel.

    Destinations and Experiences

    Thanks to our different privileged partnerships within the Virtuoso network and its worldwide presence, you can make the most of your precious moments of relaxation. Regardless of your destination, we will offer you the same unparalleled service quality, ensuring that your itinerary is perfectly suited to your preferences and expectations.

    Flight and Car Rental Benefits

    Through the Virtuoso network, we work in partnership with over 75 of the best airlines, car rental companies and travel insurance brokers worldwide, both commercial and private, so that we can offer you preferential products and prices. Thus, we ensure that our customers receive an exceptional and personalised service, from the beginning to the end of their stay. Allow us to manage your different trips and take advantage of the following benefits:

    Cruise Benefits

    We work in partnership with the largest luxury cruise companies in the world so we can customise your port and maritime experiences. As a customer, you will automatically be entitled to receive free additional services, available exclusively to Virtuoso travellers.

    Hotel Benefits

    From Argentina to Zambia, we are in direct contact with over 1,000 exceptional properties, selected by the Virtuoso network, in over 100 countries. Each of these properties is ideally located and stands out for its outstanding style. You will feel at ease during your stay… thanks to our exclusive Virtuoso agreements, we are also able to offer our customers VIP treatment and additional services at no additional cost.


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