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    Presentation Business

    Your business trips start here!

    KTS Affaires Paris agency, specialized in business travel, aims to assist you in the evolution of your business trips.

    We provide full access to offer to save time by combining luxury, comfort and safety for your travels and professional events.

    A mission order and expense report tool: simplification, optimization, control, mobility

    We offer a wide range of partner solutions such as: Notilus Expense, Traveldoo Expense, and many others … To each company a solution that is adapted according to their profile and the needs of the company with the complete treatment cycle of expenses.

    Security / Risk Management

    Possibility of providing the Amadeus Mobile Services service, a traveler security management tool, offering 2 modules:

    – Messenger Mobile Offer: Geo-localization and communication, plus travel reporting

    – Riskline add-on module: “Risk Intelligence”, real-time risk information.

    Regarding delegations in France, you can set up an emergency assistance number available 24/7 to answer all the problems encountered by your groups.

    Economy and performance monitoring

    Competitive offers based on your budget

    Follow-up of achieved (and refused) savings via detailed statistical monitoring tables


    A continuous travel policy is accompanied by a systematic control of expenditure through detailed statistics.


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