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The Georges V for a Legendary stay in Paris
31 Avenue George V, 75008 Paris

Our Philosophy

Now more than ever, the Hotel George V is a Parisian legend. The palace offers 3 restaurants starred in the Michelin guide, apartments with typical Parisian charm, terraces overlooking the City of Light, and warm and caring service.

For your utmost comfort

The generous sizes of the rooms and suites will delight you, as will all the views of the surrounding avenues or of the splendid marble court.

We loved it

The three restaurants are themselves Parisian destinations not to be missed. The French cuisine conceived by the starred chefs attains peaks of perfection. The chefs excel in the art of sublimating classical ingredients with inventive and ambitious preparation techniques.

For your well-being

Certainly one of the best spas in Paris, it offers pure moments of relaxation where one can find massages and body and facial treatments.

Label Virtuoso

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